Incident reporting


One of the six focus areas of the ACGME Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) program is patient safety. During the CLER site visit the sponsoring institution (WSU) will be assessed on opportunities residents have for reporting errors, unsafe conditions, and near misses. In an effort to make it easier for the WSU residents/fellows to access the information we have consolidated the reporting information from all of our partner training sites into a central location. Please remember the goal of these reporting systems is not to punish anyone but to fix the system and prevent medical errors.

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Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital

Reporting incidents in MIDAS

1. Go to the Crittenton Intranet on the Homepage

2. Click on the Event Reporting Icon

3. Choose what time of incident you are reporting

4. You will be directed to the Midas system to enter your information. It is very important that you enter the name of the person reporting the incident so the hospital can follow up on the information.

  • Oakwood Hospital System

    Reporting incidents in the Safety Event Reporting System (RL Solutions) The reporting system can be accessed through Oaknet on the front page.

    Reports can be made anonymously but the reporter is encouraged to include their identity so follow up on the issue can be made.

    Reports are reviewed by the Risk and Quality Departments.

Karmanos Cancer Center

Reporting incidents in the SRM Safety Event Manager. For detailed instructions click here.

You can access SRM through KCC Intrasource by selecting Cerner/CIS Access, you will be directed to the DMC Citrix site where you will need to log in with your DMC username and password. On your Citrix virtual desktop select the SRM icon.

You will be presented with a list of DMC facilities, choose The SRM Safety Event Manager link located under Karmanos Cancer Hospital. You will be asked to complete the information regarding the incident, all required information will have a red asterisk (*).

St. John Hospital Medical Center

At this time all incidents should be reported through their reporting phone line: 313-343-DOCS. This is a direct connection to their Risk Management office.

Veterans Administration

The voluntary reporting system in VA medical center is called EPIR.

1. Login to ePIR using your VISTA login and password (you can access the login page by going to the VA website.

2. Select "Report an Incident" and choose whatever incident type is being reported


3. Enter the information about the patient and the incident then "submit"



Detroit Medical Center (DMC)

Login to MIDAS incident reporting by clicking on its icon in your DMC Citrix home page

This will take you to the MIDAS site with list of errors from which you can make your choice and follow the prompts to complete your report.