Research resources

Clinical Trials

For information on the current Federal government policies and procedures regarding clinical trials, please see this page at the National Library of Medicine.


An integral component of a sound research proposal addresses the potential need for IRB review. We encourage proposal writers to prepare as early as possible to allow for IRB review at the hospital partner and the university.

WSUGME will help residents through the decision process and provide IRB guidance.

The WSU Division of Research has a wealth of information on the WSU IRB page. First-time submitters (for all parties on the application, including faculty) need to complete Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) training modules before approval can be granted.

Residents rotating at Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital submit proposals to Ascension IRB for APRH-based research.

Quality Improvement

Assessing the efficacy of a process, program, or system is inherently beneficial to physicians, hospitals, and the public. To accomplish these endeavors, residents are required to actively participate in Quality Improvement (QI) projects. Please consult your program for further details regarding the internal process to be followed.

WSUGME purchases an annual institutional membership for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). IHI aims to improve health and health care around the world, and a central aim is to educate how physicians can systematically improve the environments in which they provide care.

All enrolled residents have access to the full IHI Open School curriculum. Please contact our office for registration instructions.

Useful links to external resource for resources and idea formation:

Publishing a QI project

QI projects have a  unique academic impact  that is distinct from other types of academic publications. The GME office is here to help residents break down publication barriers so that QI contributions can reach others in the academic community. We recommend residents utilize the  Standards for Quality Improvement Reporting Excellence (SQUIRE)   guidelines during the writing process.  See also the following article published in JGME.   


Medical Organizations

Site Brief Description
ACGME Accreditation information, case logs, and Annual Survey
AMA Residents are members of the American Medical Association
ADA Stay up to date on diabetes through the American Diabetes Association
AAMC The leader of the academic medicine community
AIAMC Where independent academic medical centers collaborate to improve education
DEA Drug enforcement resources for physicians available
FSMB Obtain board exam information, access licensure information
NAM The National Academy of Medicine (formerly known as the Institute of Medicine) works to address critical issues in health, medicine, and health policy
NBOME  Osteopathic board exam information and resources
NIH The National Institutes of Health is the largest biomedical research agency in the world
NPDB National Practitioner Data Bank