GME participation in AIAMC National Initiatives

In June 2023, GME and its primary clinical partner, Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital (APRH), were selected to participate in the AIAMC National Initiative IX, on the "Social and Moral Determinants of Health." 


In 2021, GME and Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital in Rochester, Michigan, were selected to participate in National Initiative VIII - Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, or JEDI. The initiative is sponsored by the Alliance of Independent Academic Medical Centers (AIAMC), a national organization of independent teaching hospitals based in Chicago.

At the AIAMC/National Initiative VIII annual meeting in Nashville in March 2023, GME presented three posters that detailed aspects of DEI activities that will become a standard component of our programs' clinical education and evaluation protocols:

  • The relationship of inclusiveness with resident clinical engagement and wellness, RB Stansfield, H Kenaga, A Messman
  • Derived from statistical analysis of survey data, we found that residents' sense of inclusion (personal and environmental) was related to their perception of the learning environment and to their well-being. Residents who are underrepresented in medicine may feel less accepted in work settings, which can impact both their ability to provide safe, effective patient care and cope with the stressors of clinical education. Residents' sense of personal inclusion was strongly related to both their perception of environmental inclusion and to their wellness ratings, suggesting that personal inclusion, in particular, is crucial for resident wellbeing and clinical engagement.
  • Creating a health disparities curriculum and resources for multiple residency specialties, H Kenaga, RB Stansfield, A Messman
  • GME sought to implement a standardized health disparities curriculum across all programs by the start of the AY 2021-22, after internal survey data indicated that revision of the HD curricula was needed. Although on average trainees were aware of the impact of HD on their patients and felt their HD education was effective in delivering care, at the same time a majority reported that their program's provision of educational experiences on barriers to providing equal care and efforts to overcome them was less than satisfactory.
  • Institutional initiatives to enhance residency, inclusivity, and equity, A Messman, H Kenaga, S Kumar, E King, S Wissman, RB Stansfield
  • GME undertook DEI activities during 2021-22 to improve inclusivity and equity, under the auspices of the CLER Council. Holding online diversity recruitment sessions, scheduling Balint groups at APRH, implementing a health disparities curriculum, and conducting a Professional Development Symposium on "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Becoming a Catalyst for Change" were the four main GME accomplishments during this time. GME will fold these DEI efforts into our larger campaign to ensure resident well-being by fostering meaningful work, social support, and self-care. These activities demonstrate that our residency programs value inclusiveness and are working to increase diversity in the service of better patient care.


GME held its second annual Diversity Open House on Monday, August 21, 2023 from 6-7 pm as a virtual event. GME staff provided an introduction to Wayne State's sole-sponsored residency programs and discussed how the WSU Office of Graduate Medical Education works to serve WSU's historical mission to promote diversity and equity in an inclusive learning environment focused on resident professional development and wellness. Representatives from our residency programs were on hand to discuss how their specific efforts serve that mission. 

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