Program News

Family Medicine holds First Annual Senior Dinner at Pinky's in Royal Oak, April 2022

From left to right:  David Kazanowski, Dana Achmar, Abraham Baidoo, Oneil Doha, Ashley DuCaluwe, Alicia Steele, Roshan Patel, and Danny Garcia







Family Medicine residents receive training in casting and splintering from orthopedic surgeon Jason Samona, April 2022



















Dermatology holds wellness event at Garden Bowl in Detroit on Sept. 22


Pictured from left:  Resident Farhan Huq, Program Director Steve Daveluy, resident Dilara Turk, Associate Program Director Geoffrey Potts, residents Starling Tolliver and Audrey Fotouhi, Dept. Chair Darius Mehregan, and residents Kayla St. Claire, Nathan Nartker, Taylor Adlam, Mehdi Farshchian, and Andrew King





2021 Family Medicine program graduation, Dr. Zaheer's farewell party


Graduates Tarek Chahine, Ashley Aragona, Brad Woelke, Peter Ly, and Ben Maynard







Dr. Salieha Zaheer





Egg toss






2020 Dermatology Resident Graduation Celebration

The Dept. of Dermatology held its 2020 Graduation party at Dr. David Mehregan's (emeritus faculty) home on June 20. 


From left, back row: Program Director Steven Daveluy, Associate Program Director Geoffrey Potts, Greg Messenger, Nathan Nartker, Cynthia Nicholson, Mohammad Zarka. From left, front row: Alan Fliegel, Reema Habra, Lisa Bedford, Fatima Fahs, David Mehregan, Taryn Huizenga, Thomas Chu, Mehdi Farshchian, Ali Moiin





From left:  Greg Messenger, Cynthia Nicholson, Mohammad Zarka, Fatima Fahs, Dr. Mehregan, Taryn Huizenga, Thomas Chu






2020 Internal Medicine Resident Graduation Ceremony, APRH


From left:  Vera Pochtarev, Ankita Gandhi, Daymon Peterson, Shubhkarman Dhillon, Mulham Hamdon, Joseph Zebelian, Reina Badran, Tanaz Salimnia, Brandon Dmytruk, Neeharika Ralh





From left, 1st row: Ankita Gandhi, Reina Badran, Tanaz Salimnia, Neeharika Ralh, Joseph Zebelian. From left, 2nd row: Shubhkarman Dhillon, Anubhav Jain, Daymon Peterson, From left, 3rd row: Brandon Dmytruk, Mulham Hamdon, Vera Pochtarev




From left:  Tanaz Salimnia, Ankita Gandhi, Reina Badran, and Neeharika Ralh






From Victoria Gonzalez, Internal Medicine:

As our new Wellness Chief, a couple of weeks ago I reached out to FIGS (a scrubs company), telling them our story and sharing what our amazing residents are doing on the frontlines. They responded with a beautiful care package full of items to boost morale. We were very surprised and appreciative . . .  it was just what we needed during these trying times ! 

At left: the care package loaded with shirts, socks, caffeine, protein, hydration packs, and more!  At right: Internal Medicine residents Bernadette Schmidt (left), Fred Bittner (middle), and Vera Pochtarev (right), fueling up with some snacks at morning sign-out before heading out to the COVID wards. Vera snagged a pair of compression socks to help carry her through her long night shifts!